Saturday, June 02, 2007

Modifying Poppery II for coffee roasting

Got West Bend Poppery II Air popcorn popper on eBay.
This is known as air coffee roaster.

Poppery II can roast coffee without modifying it. But if you modify it, it allows you to control the tempreture and roast speed.
Jeff Mielke's web site has the great instructions of how to modifiy Poppery II. has another nice article How-To: Make a popcorn popper coffee roaster which has lots of pics.

The chanber is like this.

Bought all these tools at Ace Hardware and at Radio Shack.

Detach black lid by removing 3 screws, also squeeze restainer and pry it out.

The bottom of the chanber. There is a motor attached on it.

The motor. The label says "MODEL HR 355OU 20.5 VOC 1.78 A MAX"

Remove the 3 screws.

Open the lid with the motor.

Remove 2 rings.

the heater section.

now deassembled like this.

See the heat coil in the head section.

The bottom of the aluminum chamber.

The top of the aluminum chamber.

Remove the tiny metal from the thermostat to disable the thermostat.

Remove the wire connector.

now the black wire is detached like this.

Remove the solder and detach the red wire.

Solder the black wire on the motor.

Well, that is all I have done till now so far. The project is still in progress...