Tuesday, June 02, 2009

iPod Line Out Dock Adapter

Got iPod Connector ("iPod Connector Male Style 1" sku: DEV-00633) from

Cut Universal board, make it U-shaped, and put it in the iPod connector.

This is Kobiconn 3.5MM Stereo Jack 161-7300-EX ordered from File it and make the diameter a little shorter to put it in the iPod Connector.

Attach the stereo jack to the U-shaped board with bus wire or magnet wire.

Put it in the iPod connector.

Wire and solder the pins between iPod connector and the stereo jack. pin2 is connected to GND (white line), pin3 is connected to Right (Green line), pin4 is connected to Left (Orange line). See for details. Took those lead lines from 10Base-T cable. Also, if you are using iPod touch (2nd) or iPhone (2nd), connect pin11 and pin15.