Saturday, May 12, 2007

How to make Udon

Home made Udon!

This is for 4 servings.

Kitchenaid Stand mixier
All purpose flour 400g
Salt water (Salt 19g + Water 195g)
Cornstarch (use it after making a dough)

add all purpose flour in the bowl then a half of the salt water evenly in it.

mix it.

add the other half of the salt water evenly.

mix it.

looks well mixed. If you see some flours at this point, mix it enough by hand.

make it a dough by hand.

like this.

put the dough in 2galon Ziploc plastic bag, and put it on the floor.

stomp it slowly like this.

and keep stomping it slowly till it gets flat.

It is flat now.

fold it twice horizontally.

then fold it twice vertically.

flip it over like this.

repeat the same thing 5-6 times. Probably it will take 20-30mins.

finally like this.

remove air in the bag as much as possible,
and let it sleep under blanket on your bed for 3 hours.

after 3 hours, it looks like this. The surface looks slightly wet. The color gets a little yellow.

Spread out cornstarch on the cutting board and around the dough to prevent the stickiness on the dough.
then cut into 4peaces.

Here are the pasta attachments for KitchenAid stand mixer. The left is fettucine cutter. The right is pasta roller.

Attach the pasta roller on the stand mixer.

Set 1 on the dial of the pasta roller.

then roll the dough.

repeat rolling the dough with the setting dial 2, 3, then 4,
and put cornstarch on the dough again.

replace the attachment with the fettucine cutter, then cut the flat dough.


boil the udon noodles for 6-7 mins, then rinse them well in a colander using cold water.
Put minced scallion (as much as you like) and minced ginger (just a little) in Soba soup. (You can buy Soba soup in Japanese food shop, or also available on some online shops like



like the fish said...

hi hiro,

thanks for the great walkthrough, ive been kneading udon by hand and just bought the kitchenaid mixer you're using.

i was wondering why you didn't use the dough hook and have it mix and knead the dough for you completely in the machine? i thought the machine could do that?

also have you tried using gluten in your recipe? i read that this is a good help to make fluffy udon noodles but havent seen recipes exactly that use this.

sorry one more question, what does the cornstarch do? that's a new idea!


Hiro said...

Hi like the fish,

> i was wondering why you didn't use the dough hook and have it mix and knead the dough for you completely in the machine?

Actually Udon dough gets too hard and probably that's too hard for the stand mixer to knead the dough after adding water during kneading. So that's why I did by my foot. Actually using feet is one of the traditional ways which has been done in Sanuki Province in Japan.

> also have you tried using gluten in your recipe?

I have not tried using gluten. If you knead by your foot, flour will start to create gluten. After 20-30mins kneading by your food, you will notice the dough has a good spoungeness.

> sorry one more question, what does the cornstarch do?

Before cutting Udon noodle or put Udon to fridge, cornstarch helps to avoid making Udon noodle sticky.

Unknown said...

I just got a mixer for my wedding gift! I cannot wait to make us on noodles!


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